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4 years diploma nurse

4 years diploma nurse
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4 years diploma nurse
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What is Home Nursing Care?

Home nursing services include a wide range of healthcare services that can be easily managed in your home. Home care nursing services are generally cheaper than hospitals and nursing homes, while on the other hand, they are just as effective as the medical care provided in hospitals or nursinghomes.

An in-home nursing service becomes more sympathetic to the patient and integrates into the patient's family and provides nursing home care at the general hospital while developing an emotional bond with the patient and their family.

The services provided by home care nursing are provided by registered nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists among others. And as such you do not have to worry about the quality of service provided by the nurse nurse.

In the past, home-care, home care, and home healthcare terms were used interchangeably. Currently, people have developed a better sense of home health care or in-home nursing service, which is essentially skilled nursing care where the term in-home care refers to non-treatment services such as personal care and companionship and care without treatment.

When do you need us

The main goal of a home nursing service is to treat any illness or injury. Home nursing services typically include wound care for stress wounds or surgical wounds, patient and care - charitable education, endocrine or nutrition therapy, injections, rehabilitation therapy and monitoring critical illness and unhealthy health status.


Vaccinate at home and be safe from infectious diseases. We provide vaccines for home-grown H1N1, typhoid, pneumonia, hepatitis and many more nurses.

Post Surgical Care:

Post-surgical care is important and includes everything from managing and feeding pain to respiratory management and fluid management. Get well soon with the care of our nurses, who will assist you with all of this in the comfort of your home.

Urinary catheterization care:

Our nurses are well-educated and can assist you with the process of urine catheterization care in your home; It can be catheter insertions, catheter removal or bladder wash

Wound Dressing:

Did you know that the healing process varies depending on the type of lesion? Our nurses are experienced in the management of a variety of post-operative surgical wounds, infected wounds and pressure wounds, and will provide appropriate wound care for faster recovery.

Oxygen administration:

Oxygen administration is needed in both acute and chronic, such as trauma, bleeding, shock, shortness of breath, pulmonary disease and more. If you need it, don't panic. Call a Portia nurse at home and sit back when he or she does the needful.


Save yourself the hassle of travel and longer hospitalization for a minor procedure such as injection administration or IV infusion. Simply book a home nurse with us and an experienced and registered nurse will come to you to administer the required injections or IV infusions.

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